"Your people demonstrate time and again, their deep dedication and commitment to workers. They provide the service in a timely and professional manner at all times...

B&S Associates have extensive labour backgrounds and an understanding of how a Union operates...

I do not hesitate to recommend B&S Associates Professional Corporation to my colleagues in other CUPE locals and my counterparts in other labour unions."

- D. Day, Chair, WSIB CPP & LTD Committee, CUPE 4400

Our only clients are unions… we do not under any circumstances accept a fee for service from individual workers. We view our role as supporting and complimenting the principles of the labour movement and assisting local unions to fulfill their responsibilities in representing their membership. Our services are provided at an affordable cost. Our Advocates provide the highest quality assistance in the areas that B&S Associates Professional Corporation is retained to provide.

Rob Butler
Rob has been a Union activist for more than 25 years and is a Labour College graduate. He became a full time union representative in 1991, specializing in compensation and CPP appeals. He continues to be actively involved instructing WSIB courses for upcoming union activists. read more

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